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Reserve a Campus Space or Service

Start Reserve a Campus Space or Service


  • This Task has been designed for use by Faculty, Staff. For Faculty, Staff


Reserve or request campus space or service for events, meetings, review sessions, etc...  Request ND Studio services.  

On Tuesday, July 31st, scheduling.nd.edu will upgrade with a new look and feel.  Come and see the new features at a demo session. (All content will be the same for each demo.)


Demo dates: (No reservation required)

  • Tuesday, July 24 (2:45-3:30) -- DeBartolo, Room 228

  • Thursday, July 26 (2:45-3:30) -- DeBartolo, Room 228

  • Thursday, August 2 (2:00-3:00PM) -- Corbett Family Hall (Door 3), Martin Media Center, Rooms E130/132


For more information,


NOTE - scheduling.nd.edu and ems.nd.edu will be down on July 30th at 5pm through July 31st at noon to install the new features.


Latest release -

No Release Notes.


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